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Dr Sudakin saved my life. It took me so long to make one phone call that changed my life forever. Dr Sudakin will never treat you like your less of a person for being an addict. He makes sure you are comfortable and cares how your life is going. I can honestly say he saved my life. I was addicted to pain killers for 6 years, but was to scared to get help. I didn't feel like being judged, or rushed out of the doctor office. If you go to Dr Sudakin none of this will happen. I truly enjoy my office visits with him. He will not rush you, he works with you at a comfortable pace. I am so glad I picked up the phone 2 years ago, and made the call. There will be ups and downs in recovery, but Dr Sudakin will help, and guide you the way. Thank you Dr Sudakin, I feel so thankful that you are my doctor.